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People seeking gastric bypass are not considered candidates unless they have tried and failed to lose weight through traditional forms of treatment. A lot of morbidly obese individuals have considered having weight loss surgery. Statistically and logically, this procedure has promising and outstanding results. However, the aim of the whole program is realistically achievable only if the patient will commit and comply with the diet and exercise that will come along after the surgery. Therefore, the success of bariatric surgery relies not only to the experience of the surgeon, but also to the individual patient as well. To ensure a successful outcome and to help patients on their journey, it is best when the patient, the primary care doctor, and the surgical team work together. These operations have an enormous impact on patients’ lives in terms of the improved quality, but also as a life-long commitment to a new way of life. Patients and their families will need to work toward their goal of a new, revitalized life.

In general, weight loss surgery is for individuals who: