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Dentures can be either acrylic or resin and will last ten years or more depending on use. The resin dentures look more natural and are stronger than the acrylic.

A complete set can be made and fitted in eight working days. Three one-hour visits to the clinic will be required.

The patient’s bone needs to be of proper shape and health for a good fit and retention. Your dentist will examine you and see if dentures are good for you. If not, the dentist may suggest an alternative such as rebuilding the bone, gum, or put in implants to hold plates. If you are missing one or more teeth, it is important to fill those spaces. Without a full mouth of teeth, you may be over traumatizing some or all of your remaining teeth.

Lacking an opposing tooth in your bite, the tooth could erupt out of the supporting bone. There are many treatment options available to alter or adjunct existing dentures until you are ready to have new ones made. During your initial consultation you will be advised on whether you require a complete replacement, minor adjustment, or a total transformation to your existing dentures.

Today's technology allows the denturist to create a smile that is natural and confident. A denture doesn't have to look like a denture any more. High quality teeth made with layers of different acrylics are as close to your natural teeth as can be. It is nearly impossible to tell them from the real thing allowing you to smile with complete confidence.