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Porcelain Crowns & Veneers

Because porcelain crowns cover your entire tooth, they often provide good solutions for severe problems such as a bad fracture, a large filling, a tooth that has had root canal treatment, and in situations where one or several teeth are missing.

When teeth cannot be saved, dental implants and bridges are a great option to a wide range of problems.

They are durable and strong, so crowns and laminates (or porcelain inlays) permit more tooth structure to be removed. This is required to allow adequate space for the restorative material to have appropriate strength, esthetics, and healthy gum contour.

The types of crowns that are commonly used are:

Porcelain fused to metal - This type of crown is often used on posterior teeth because of the strength that semi-precious metal can provide during chewing. The veneer or facing of the tooth consists of porcelain that gives the restoration a natural looking quality.

Porcelain jacket crown - This is a very thin metal shell covered by layers of porcelain to resemble the shading and translucency of a natural tooth. This restoration is often recommended for anterior teeth.

100% Porcelain and Art Glass Porcelain - Art Glass and Porcelain Jacket crowns require more lab work and special procedures for application. These crowns are more translucent and more natural appearing than normal Porcelain/Metal crowns.

We recently were able to attract one of the finest dental laboratories in Mexico City to move to Los Cabos to work exclusively for us. They make a perfectly natural looking finished tooth. You will have a beautiful new smile with our crowns.