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Facial Surgery

We use an innovative system of unique facial surgery in Mexico based on local anesthesia to eliminate the complications and costs of conventional surgery with the same aesthetic and functional results. Assisted by Rinofast surgical staff specialists in the area certified by the relevant Board Certifications in the specialty of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery.


  1. World class quality at the best location with the equipment necessary to better take care of your health.
  2. Local anesthetic equivalent to a dental visit.
  3. Minimal bleeding, very short stay, minimal complications, little swelling. Less bruising, without nasal packing
  4. Same results as conventional surgery.
  5. More affordable by avoiding hospital expenses.
  6. Walk out of our hospital fully recovered without pain, within 3 hours of admittance.

Tumescent Rhinoplasty
With this technique, all the advantages during surgery and postoperatively, are from little bleeding, no pain and being awake and breathing on their own in the surgery.
During rhinoplasty the chances of leaving aesthetic irregularities are minimal because there is no bleeding that prevents adequate visibility, also the operating time is greatly reduced because no time is spent cleaning the bleeding in the operative field.