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I had heard so often how good the medical care was in Mexico. I have to say I was a little skeptical until we were vacationing in Los Cabos and my husband had a very serious heart issue. He was rushed to the Amerimed hospital by ambulance. I was amazed at the level of care, professionalism and attention to detail that happened at the hospital. Not only did they take extraordinary care of my husband but also kept me informed all the way along and made sure I was comfortable and well taken care of.

So when I decided I wanted to have a procedure done I knew where I wanted to go and was lucky enough to find the Amerimed in San Jose and connect with Jayme and Ignacio. The care I received there was amazing. From the time I first made contact Jayme answered all of my questions, put me in touch with Dr. Romerez and set up a Skype call, took care of my hotel bookings and Ignachio picked me up at the airport! I was never left feeling like I didn’t know what to do. They checked up on me frequently after surgery and made certain that I knew I could call them at any time if I had questions or concerns.

Not only am I very happy with the experience and the results but we have made two wonderful friends that we will most certainly keep in touch with!


...My very understanding and loving wife Chris and I then booked a vacation slash Doctor visit to Los Cabos. Jayme was so kind and helpful throughout this whole trip, she came and picked us up at our resort to take us to my appointment. Upon meeting the doctors I was preped for a tryall to locate the nerve bundle. They used ultra-sound to locate the nerve and injected it with latacaine, the pain went away instantly. I now had to wait and see how long it lasted ( being pain free) it was about 4 hours before it came back. The next day I returned to Ameramed with Jayme's assistance to have the nerve injected with alcahol. This was a very painful procedure as I had to be awake so I could tell them if they were in the correct spot. We had 5 more days in Los Cabo and during that time I had pain in a large area in my back due to the procedure. After being home a week I could tell that I still had pain but it was in a smaller area. I got back in contact with Doc Cardenas (in person again; not an assistant like we are used to in the USA) and let him know I still had pain. Doc Cardenas explained that some people have 2 nerve branches running to this area and that was probably the case with me. Doctor Cardenas offered to do the procedure again at no cost as it did not work and I may have another nerve branch to go after. Try again at no cost?? this is unheard of by me, so of course I said yes.

Now it is 7 months later and I'm back in the operating room with Doctors Cardenas and Saucillo. They have probed for awhile and tell me they were trying to get a response from the nerve they killed in April, they could not so since I still had pain it proved I had another branch. Lets jump ahead to May of 2014, The pain under shoulder blade is gone, but I do have a great deal of pain along my spine were the muscles ect. were cut away to get at the ruptured bursa. I have been able to back off on the pain meds. quit a bit but still am taking more than I want too. I want to thank the staff at the Amerimed hospital Drs Cardenas and Saucillo for helping me rid myself from some of the pain. I want to thank Jayme Portilla and her husband Nacho for all that they did with the language barrier and medical questions my wife and I had. They both went out of their way to help me, I was treated better in Mexico than at home. I was actually a human in Mexico Thanks again to all!!!

Bill Burleson